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Vacation Ownership WORLD magazine is a digital publication with unique content that contains value-added information readers can use. This coverage attracts a core readership of the industry's leaders and producers -- from top management to sales executives to project directors to resort managers. There are an increasing number of publications covering the vacation ownership/shared ownership/timesharing industry today. What distinguishes Vacation Ownership WORLD is its experience, know-how, and coverage -- not of 'stories' (which can be read anywhere), but the trends and issues shaping the future of our industry. Recent examples include our annual Sales Leader survey and Review & Forecast piece, reports on both leading branded and independent developers, several articles on problems many legacy timeshare resorts are experiencing and some possible solutions, an analysis of the resales market and the problems plaguing it, a look at the current landscape of vacation ownership finance, coverage of the  the PRC/Fractional business, a continuing examination of of timesharing's value proposition and how well it is holding up, an analysis of the latest industry research findings, and the entrance into the vacation ownership industry of several new vendors including, CardConnect, and NRC. In 2016, we intend to write about vacation clubs, the growth of timeshare rentals, an explanation of how Wall Street, investors and analysts view vacation ownership and much, much more. These are not articles you will find anyplace else.


100% vacation ownership. All editorial content deals with vacation ownership (timesharing, fractionals/private residence clubs (PRCs) and related products (e.g. private membership clubs, condo hotels).

What the leaders are doing. Incisive analysis of the companies pointing the way in vacation ownership and how they’re doing it.

Timeshare resort management and operation. Coverage of key resort management issues — resales, exchange, point system operations, etc.

Product evolution. Tracking the rapid evolution of the timeshare product — points systems, clubs, fractionals/PRCs, private membership clubs, condo hotels, franchising, non-deed vacation clubs – and other innovations.

Marketing, sales trends. In-depth coverage of new marketing and sales methods, techniques, and technologies.

Surveys and market analysis. Our widely circulated, exclusive annual sales leaders survey, plus regular reviews of key research studies that detail emerging trends in timesharing.

Plus...regular features such as PRC/Fractional UPDATE, Industry Wrap, and innovative series like State-of-the-Art and Industry Viewpoint.

These are the basic reasons for VacationOwnership WORLD’s appeal to developers, marketers, and professionals throughout the vacation ownership industry — and why the magazine has been referred to as “the one they read.”

Vacation Ownership WORLD

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